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With video or phone visits, you can meet with your doctor through your computer, smartphone or tablet — without leaving your home. Video visits are live video, similar to FaceTime or Skype. You doctor will see you and talk with you, like a regular doctor’s visit.

The doctor will tell you what to do next. He or she might send a prescription directly to your pharmacy, if you need one.

Video or phone visits are a safer, simpler way to get the care you need. With video or phone visits, you can:

  • Get great, personalized care without traveling into the clinic
  • Save time and limit the hassle of driving
  • Be seen quickly and safely — which is critical during flu and other disease outbreaks

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Video Visits 

FollowMyHealth offers face-to-face video visits with your doctor.

This service is available to New West Physicians patients.

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Annual Wellness Visit video visits

Schedule your Annual Wellness Visit as a video visit or get more information. Call your doctor’s office to get started.