Whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years, you may have questions such as, "Can I still eat my favorite foods?", or are there "natural remedies" to treat diabetes? You may be worried about complications from high blood sugar or just want to know the latest and greatest strategies to stay as healthy as possible now, and in the years to come.  If that's the case, you're in the right place. The New West Physicians Diabetes and Nutrition Center has a strong track record of helping people with diabetes find just the right tools to navigate the various aspects of managing diabetes. Caring certified diabetes educators will provide you with custom-made advice at your one-on-one appointments, as well as the opportunity to attend fun and informative group classes. Our accreditation with the American Diabetes Association assures you get excellent, evidence-based care.

We hope to see you soon at an upcoming class or at an individual appointment.  See the calendar on the right for more information; then call us today at 303.716.8039 to get scheduled.