What You Should Be Looking For In a Health and Fitness App.

What You Should Be Looking For In a Health and Fitness App.
Health and fitness apps are a great way to count calories, track exercise, monitor sleep patterns and more. With thousands of options, learn about which features to look for in a fitness app and how they can help keep you motivated in your fitness journey.
The American Journal of Medicine recently released a study on the impact of health and fitness apps on users. They found that app users report a 61% increase in significant physical activity. Not only do apps allow you to track your activity, but they also allow your healthcare provider to objectively monitor your health and progress. 
What are some of the key features to look for in a health and fitness app? Dr. John P. Higgins of the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute, at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, suggests a user-friendly interface, free trial version, goal-setting capabilities, offers real-time personalized feedback, compatibility with other fitness apps (i.e. Fitbit activity tracker), is customized to the user's skill and fitness level and supports social networking.
To learn more about different fitness apps and their features and the benefits of using these apps, read the full article from The American Journal of Medicine here.

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