Understanding Your Insurance Plan

Understanding Your Insurance Plan

As insurance benefits shift and change, it is important to know your plan and what is covered before your appointment with your provider.

In an effort to assist our patients, New West Physicians Website lists the insurance plans we accept, indicates whether the accepted plan has products on the Health Exchange, and provides easy access links to get you to your insurance plan's website.

Once on your insurance plan's website, log in or register and then look for helpful features such as Coverage Review, Deductible Trackers, Provider and Service Availability, Procedure Estimators, and Claims Management. Look for the link to our Quick Features Reference Guide. We encourage you to access your individual policy, and identify what your specific plan will cover. Please note that, while many wellness and preventative services may now be covered 100% by your plan, specific benefits will vary according to your policy benefits.

It is imperative that patients review and understand their financial responsibility and portion of the services that are provided to them. Please contact your insurance carrier or your company's Human Resources Manager for specific details of your plan.

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