Pursuit of Happiness: Small things to make your day better

How to achieve a better balance

Pursuit of Happiness: Small things to make your day better

Pursuit of Happiness

By Tatiana Tsvetkova, MD



Human beings are creators and explorers. They aim to discover, create,

build, innovate, and change the world around them. Therefore,

for most of us, our work life is the single biggest part of our waking

adult lives and counts heavily when it comes to the quality of life,

and ultimately, our heart’s health.


Work should be the setting for rich personal growth, where many

aspects of life enter into play such as creativity, planning for the

future, developing our talents, living out our values, and relating

to others. Unfortunately, work can also be a significant source of

stress for many people, leaving them with high blood pressure,

trouble sleeping, little time to exercise, or eat healthy. This can lead

to cardiovascular disease.


Fortunately, it is summertime and a popular time for vacations and

travel. Did you know that Denmark was voted the happiest country

in world? What are the reasons for the high level of happiness

among the Danish people? The Danes have time for a family life

and leisure alongside their careers, and enjoy high levels of flexibility

in the workplace. The ability to be able to balance work-life and

family-life are crucial for happiness.


Although this may not be the total and complete picture, reading

the World Happiness report could be a thought provoking platform

about how we can change in order to have happier and healthier



In the meanwhile, move your desk to catch the morning sun, ride your

bike to work, walk on your lunch break, take stairs, and travel more

often, as this might be one of the ways to buy happiness

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