pMD Brings HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Software to New West Physicians

pMD Brings HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Software to New West Physicians


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- pMD, the innovation leader in health care technology, recently implemented its secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging software with a large Denver-based physician group.

New West Physicians is a multi-specialty group of more than 100 providers, spread across 18 practices in the greater Denver area and pMD is excited to add this group to the rapidly growing pMD community. "The pMD [secure messaging] technology is brilliant. For someone who is not as technologically savvy, the software is very intuitive," said Dr. Melissa Coomes, who specializes in Family Medicine at New West Physicians.

pMD's HIPAA-compliant text messaging app improves communication in health care. Connect with your colleagues and health care team securely and in real-time with the most user-friendly and reliable secure messaging platform. The app enables health care teams across multiple locations to communicate about sensitive patient information securely and in real-time. pMD strengthens coordination of patient care among physicians and creates a vetted and easily accessible network within the community.

"We're excited to work with New West Physicians to build a more connected medical network in the Denver-metro area," pMD CEO Philippe d'Offay said. "The challenge with communication in health care is that providers are hindered by strict regulations and inadequate solutions. Care teams can communicate easily and freely with pMD's secure messaging app, knowing that their messages are safe and compliant."

New West Physicians' answering service, Alphapage, also uses pMD's secure messaging platform to relay information to on-call doctors after hours. Alphapage can easily access the group's verified list of contacts in pMD and send detailed, HIPAA-compliant messages.

"We highly recommend pMD for anyone in the medical field," said Maria Iglesias, Director of Operations at Alphapage. "The program is very user-friendly, the time from inception to deployment is minimal, the uptime of the software is excellent, and the program itself is very robust. We consistently recommend pMD to our medical practices when they come on board with Alphapage as their answering service."

About pMD:
pMD supports doctors and their staff with powerful, intuitive mobile software that improves patient care and makes doctors happy. pMD's mobile communication and data capture platform vastly increases efficiency and improves collaboration. Doctors using pMD are increasing their ROI in a time where Medicare cuts, ICD-10, PQRS, and other costs are significantly impacting profitability. pMD provides free interfaces with most major electronic medical records, hospital information, and medical billing systems.

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