Must-Have Technology for Seniors

Must-Have Technology for Seniors



Pieces of Technology Seniors Should Embrace

The number of older adults using the Internet and related tech devices is increasing, with over half of seniors using the Internet and owning cell phones. Although there is still a long way to go before we can consider our senior citizens to be fully tech savvy. Today’s technology can keep seniors engaged, connected, mentally active, and physically safe, making it increasingly important for our loved ones to keep in the high-tech loop.


Must-Have Technology for Seniors

Tablets and iPads

The games offered on these devices promote brain fitness that tracks health information; a tablet can have a variety of positive impacts on seniors’ lives. Seniors can view photos, listen to music, read, learn languages. These devices are lightweight, their touch screens are easy to use, and font sizes can be adjusted for easier reading.

Hearing aids

Wearing bulky listening device is no longer an excuse for older adults to go without hearing aids. The improvement of wireless transmission methods like Bluetooth has created great strides in hearing assistive technology. Hearing aids can be tiny, transparent, and nearly invisible or can even be implanted inside the ear itself.

Video and computer games

Video games have been shown to improve cognition, mental agility, and even physical health for seniors. They can also promote social interaction.


Skype can encourage social interaction too; this is one piece of software every senior should be familiar with. Communicating with family long-distance is a snap. You can view your loved ones in real time, and it is available in almost all technological devices.

Health tracking software

If you have a computer or a mobile device, be aware of the wealth of software and apps available to help monitor their health, remind them off medications, and even track their nutritional needs, empowering them to take charge of their wellness. It is also a branch of technology that is very valuable to caregivers too.

Wireless Internet

Most technology would not be possible without wireless Internet. If you want your senior parent to take full advantage of these devices, make sure their residence is internet-ready. Even nursing homes are using wireless Internet technology to make it easier for residents and care providers to communicate quickly.


Cell phones are becoming more senior-friendly; models are starting to have larger buttons, speed dialing, and voice recognition to make usage easier. Not only are cell phones crucial to helping seniors staying connected with friends and family, but they can also be used to perform critical safety functions like providing medication reminders and GPS locations.

Home assistive devices

Assistive technology in the home can go far in helping seniors remain independent and safe. Besides home monitoring and GPS, there are devices such as LED lighting, medication dispensing appliances, photo-enhanced phone dialers, and stove shut-off systems, all of which can help seniors with mild cognitive and impairment.

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