New West Physicians’ Pharmaceutical Representative and Sampling Policy

By Ken Cohen, MD, FACP
Chief Medical Officer

It has been estimated that 1/3 of the cost of a drug is related directly to marketing. Therefore, New West Physicians has decided that it will no longer be part of the problem, but rather part of the solution. As of February 1, 2016, every New West Physicians’ office has adopted a new policy prohibiting any pharmaceutical advertising or marketing including the use of “complimentary samples”. Our goal is to reach 90% use of affordable medications, which will allow us to continue to provide our high quality of care while also improving the economic health of our patients, and secondarily help stem the increasing cost of both new drugs and health insurance premiums for everyone.

Below is a summary of the issue:

Although there have been some important pharmaceutical industry gains in biomedical research, pharmaceutical costs in the U.S. are escalating rapidly out of proportion to the rest of the healthcare sectors.

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