Embrace the Positive

Embrace the Positive

Melissa Coomes, MD

New West Physicians Broomfield

My desire to help people began as a young child and by the time I was in high school, I knew I wanted to be a physician. Looking back, I would say that some of my inspiration came from my Grandmother who always embraced the positive and embodied the philosophy of ‘making the world a better place.” 

In medical school, I had a mentor who introduced me to acupuncture and botanical/herbal remedies that piqued my interest because it was another possible path to helping someone. I was able to see that some patients benefited from these types of therapies. 

St. Anthony’s Family Medicine Residency Program, where I completed my residency, had a heavy schedule of obstetrics rotations and I discovered that I truly enjoyed delivering babies. I had and continue to have the opportunity to share in one of the greatest days of each family’s life. A woman is entrusting me with the life of their newborn child and, when a baby is born and I have the opportunity to place the baby in the mother’s arms, the joy and emotions are almost indescribable. Each delivery and family interaction is such a gift and reminds me of the precious moments of life. I realized that being a part of the beginning of life was something that I knew I wanted to continue offering patients when in practice. 

During this time, I pursued an additional training program in Medical Acupuncture of Physicians at UCLA at Helms Medical Institute and I went on to pursue a Fellowship at Arizona Center for Integrative Dr. Coomes with her family in the Grand Canyon Welcoming 'August' into the world Melissa Coomes, MD New West Physicians Broomfield Medicine in 2006. Currently, I am double Board Certified from the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. 

We never know the twists and turns of the path that lies ahead of us, however, I realized that my path had been one of learning a variety of evidence-based modalities – both allopathic and complementary in an effort to help patients of all ages and stages of health. What continues to be my joy today is assessing the patient as a whole person, educating them about all treatment options, and coming up with a treatment plan together. I am a strong advocate of preventative medicine. I encourage healthy lifestyle choices –nutrition, exercise, stress management - in order to optimize health. I truly enjoy being a part of my patient’s life - helping them to embrace the positive, and bringing all modalities to the table in order to help each patient with what they need to bring their body into health. 

It is a privilege to be a part of the lives of my patients

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