Diabetes and Nutrition Center Tip…Know Your Numbers

In the world of diabetes we talk about the numbers of the ABC’s.

·        A is for A1C- The goal for most people with diabetes is to have a HgbA1C of less than 7%.

·        B is for blood pressure-The goal for blood pressure is to be less than 140/90.

·        C is for cholesterol- LDL which is the “bad cholesterol” should be less than 100 in most people.  Also, new evidence suggests that you may need to be taking a statin drug, even if your cholesterol levels are not elevated.

The risks for developing cardiovascular and kidney disease decreases when patients take an active role to control their HgbA1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  Talk to your provider about your numbers, or if you are signed up for MyHealthConnection, Patient Portal, you can check your numbers there.  The key is to be proactive in lifestyle changes and compliant with taking medications that can help you to get closer to these goals.

An article in the April New England Journal of Medicine, reports that because the control of diabetes has improved over the past 20 years, the rates of heart attack have decreased by 68% and stroke rate has decreased by over 50%.

We are here to help! The Diabetes and Nutrition Center offers classes regularly about Diabetes, and can schedule an individual appointment. Visit our website or call 303-716-8039 for more information.

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