An Inspirational Story: Journey to Better Health

An Inspirational Story: Journey to Better Health

An Inspirational Story: Journey to Better Health

As told by Ron Williams, New West Physicians Patient

“One morning just a little over twelve months ago, I decided that I had to do something about my weight! I was at 399 pounds, the most I had ever weighed in my life. At times it was struggle to go up a flight of stairs. I coached youth football for over 20 years, fly fished just about every weekend, and the things that I did all the time had become things that were a problem to even accomplish.
I signed up for the 10-week Nutrition Class taught by Kathleen Peralta at New West Physicians Diabetes & Nutrition Center. Turns out to be best thing I ever did for myself. When I started I wasn’t sure I had what it took to succeed, but Kathleen taught us the tools we needed to be successful in losing the weight. The first most important thing I realized was if I was to be successful at weight loss, it would have to be a LIFE STYLE CHANGE for the rest of my life.

Secondly, after I had completed the course, I realized that I needed someone to help me be ACCOUNTABLE EACH WEEK  in order to be successful. I asked my doctor, Nicole Dorotik, if I could weigh in every Wednesday after work, and she was eager to help. So for the next year, I stopped in every Wednesday to weigh in. Once I met my goal weight I still am weighing in each week till I am able to maintain on my own. Erin, my nurse, weighed me in and the next day I had a phone call from Erin on behalf of Dr. Dorotik encouraging me even if I thought I did not do as well as maybe I should have. We met and talked each month about my health and weight.

I am proud to share that I lost 180 pounds! The highlight of losing the weight was when Dr. Dorotik changed my status from obese to close to “normal”. Additionally, I’m no longer a Type II Diabetic, and my high blood pressure is now normal. My knees feel so much better than they have in the past. In the last two years I have had major Spinal/Back surgery to remove cysts that caused pain down both legs. The first surgery went well but recovery was very long because I was at 399 pounds. By the time the second cyst came back, I had lost over 100 pounds and, after Spinal Fusion surgery, I was back to work in 13 days. If I had not lost all that weight I could have been off work up to 3-months.
Thirdly, I know I would not have succeeded if it were not for the SUPPORT of my wonderful wife, my children, co-workers, my doctor, nurse, diabetes educator, and the rest of the staff at the Arvada Family Practice office of New West Physicians. Every week when I weighed in they were glad to see me and full of compliments and encouragement.

Again many thanks to all who supported me through this journey that I started over a year ago; my family, friends, Dr. Dorotik, Kathleen Peralta, Erin Ball, and the rest of the staff in the Arvada Family Practice office. I would not have been able to accomplish what I have if it wasn’t for all the support!”

“I remember when Ron told me that he was going to sign up for the New West Weight Loss Program, and said, “This time it was going to be different”. Sure enough it was. He, like many of my other patients often times hear me talk about how incredibly important smoking cessation and weight loss will be to their health and longevity of their lives. I am super impressed with the hard work that Ron has put into his weight loss. He has truly changed his lifestyle which is going to make it a lot easier for him to maintain his weight.  He came in weekly to be weighed by one of our staff. I am honored that I was able to be a part of this journey with him, and have enjoyed accompanying Ron over the last year as his physician. I was thrilled to give him compliments and cheer him on with his weight loss. I wish I could harness his motivation and transfer it to other people in hopes they will be inspired to make positive changes. I appreciate that Ron has allowed me to tell other patients about him and his success, and I am truly honored and privileged to be his physician and to have been a part of his weight loss journey."

Nicole Dorotik, MD
Arvada Family Medicine

“Ron joined the 10 week New You Weight Management Program in January of 2013. From the start, his attitude was positive and confident that he could do what it would take to achieve his weight loss goal. He was having quite a bit of back pain at the time but he made it to every class. His commitment was unwavering. He has been an inspiration to me as an educator and others who have joined the program since witnessing his success. Ron came to speak to my class last December and provided a moving motivational send off to others working on lifestyle change. What a great accomplishment!”

Kathleen Peralta, Registered Dietician
Diabetes & Nutrition Center

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