5 New Ways to Help Manage Stress

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5 New Ways to Help Manage Stress

Managing Stress

By Linsey Harrison, MD



Humans experience stress on a day-to-day basis with major life events that cause our stress levels to spike. The effects of stress can have a negative impact on our health, our emotions, and our behavior.

Managing stress is a skill that we all need to continually develop and practice, and certain smartphone apps can help you find some new tools for coping with stress.

Improving your quality of life:

Headspace.com – utilizes mindfulness meditation for

stress, anxiety, concentration, creativity, relationships

Thinkpacifica.com – based on cognitive behavior therapy,

a well-established and effective treatment

MyMoodTracker – designed to help you understand what

causes your emotions to change

The Mindfulness App – utilizes mindfulness for stress, anxi-

ety, concentration, self-acceptance, relationships

• Personalzen.com – for reducing anxiety and stress

When to See a Doctor

You may experience physical symptoms related to stress such as changes in mood, changes in sleep patterns, loss of interest in activities, change in energy level, change in appetite, behavior changes, irritability, panic attacks, nightmares, and/or phobias (irrational fears).

If these symptoms are interfering with your life, or if you use drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, you should see your primary care physician to discuss options for treatment.

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